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Have you ever seen a 9-year-old shred through 22 Tool songs at once?

Learning 22 Tool songs on the guitar is remarkable enough, but 9-year-old Maya Neelakantan went above and beyond, creating a 26-minute medley for Tool's Adam Jones' (birthday). She curated "Evolution of Adam Jones," a medley encompassing nearly the entire record of the band, especially for his birthday.

She made a series of rules for herself, including playing the tracks in the chronological order of album release dates, not going backwards once she went on to the next album, and creating a medley in that particular sequence. She practiced, achieved, and recorded the video in a single take, beginning with "Opiate" released in 1992 and concluding with "Opiate 2,”2022. Now that’s Impressive!

See for yourself:

Maya spent several weeks planning, analysing, learning, and compiling a list before she was satisfied with the results. Adam Jones is a huge inspiration to her, so she decided to create a surprise medley for his birthday on January 15th.

"By playing these songs in order, I was really able to experience the changes and see how Tool evolved musically over the years which is a very special experience. It's even more thrilling than listening to the songs. And it's a different experience hearing the songs through the guitar perspective!" Maya stated in the description of her YouTube video.

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