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Artist You Need To Listen - Seafret

After releasing two EP’s and about five singles, when Seafret finally dropped their debut album, ‘Tell Me It’s Real ‘, it was everything their fans had wanted from the indie pop duo – soulful, passionate and rife with emotion. Vocalist Jack Sedman and guitarist Harry Draper, stuck to their roots and came up with an album that paints a beautiful picture of raw, unadulterated emotion and passion, which showcases fine North- Eastern blues that provide for some great comfort listening.

What I liked most about these guys is how real they are. There are no fake beats or unwanted chorus; there is only soft beats, soulful and heartfelt lyrics and also great string sections. These are the kind of songs that will find a place whether at a set list at an outdoor acoustic music festival, or around a bonfire when out camping.

The band has a lot of experience playing live as they started out backing bands such as Kodaline and Hozier and the influences can be heard throughout the songs. Though the themes discussed have been dealt with before, there is a freshness to their songs partly due to its bare and simplistic nature. They are completely ripe with emotion, and the vocals sink in beautifully with the guitar sections which form the basis of all songs on this album.

My personal favourite off the album were Give Me Something and To The Sea, both of them being stripped back acoustic pieces which focus on the vocals to shine through. To The Sea is a beautiful duet with Irish singer Rosey Carney whose airy falsettos remind you of Birdy when you listen for the first time.

The band is most successful handling soft themes that play around with a few simple chords but still progress beautifully leading to a quick turnaround and a catchy bridge. Most songs from the album paint beautiful portraits of the issues they try to handle and the band seem like poets with a penchant to music.

Here are a few of their songs to get you accustomed to their style of music and here’s to hoping that you find them as real and as soothing as they do to me.

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