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​Yellow Claw, the Dutch record production duo are hinting at an India tour and if the news is true, it’s an early Christmas for all electronic music lovers in India. Since hosting at Jimmy Woo, Amsterdam, the duo has grown to become an iconic name in the trap, hip hop, dubstep and trance music industry. Though they have not confirmed their arrival or the tour dates, they posted in Instagram hinting at the possibility of a serious India tour.

Here’s a look at what the duo had to say on Instagram

The duo, famous for tracks such as “Thunder" and "Last Night Ever", had come to Mumbai in 2016 and played a couple of highly successful gigs that led to a growth in their popularity within the Asia subcontinent.

The DJ’s also seem to be excited themselves as their social media accounts were littered with clues about the upcoming tour. They even tweeted about how they had spent half a day trying to get their Indian Visas approved.

Their work has been lauded as being fresh and infused with energy and the duo have always been praised for their extravagant and over the top live performances that never leave anyone wanting for more.

Though the tour has not been confirmed and the dates definitely aren’t out yet, fans have lost no time in going crazy over the possibility. Social media has been set ablaze by their fans expressing gratitude and excitement for the tour and wishes have flowed in thanking the duo for the love they show towards their fan base in India.

Music fans throughout India are certainly hoping that the news is true and that the Dutch duo will take India by storm again, like they did in 2016. With a set list as extensive and wonderfully chaotic as theirs, it really is no surprise that the excitement is brewing over. So are they really about to hit India? We aren’t sure, but it’s safe to say, we all hope so.

Some amazing Yellow Claw music!

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