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Artist you need to listen - Caravan Palace

CARAVAN PALACE: Parisian Swing Like Never Before

​The band that embodies swing like no other, the perfect cross between Daft Punk and Vitalic, a revolutionisation of the electro swing genre; these are just a few of the rave reviews that Caravan Palace has amassed in its decade long career.

The band released their self-titled debut album in 2008, famously recruited band mates through Myspace auditions, first performed at the Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival and was able to create a niche for themselves within the music industry .The band now has seven members and has a wide range of instruments ranging from the guitar to the saxophone and clarinet.

Being a guitarist myslef, I find their work incredibly groovy as their incorporation of jazz into electro and house formats is refreshing and something new. Songs such as ‘Suzy’ gave off a 30’s vibe but still had a house pump to it thanks to some great mixing and production. I think any youngster with an ear for jazz will find their music extremely catchy and groovy. The vocoded scat lines and creative clarinet backing adds a lot of old school effect to songs such as ‘Dramophone’.

The vocals are also incredible sultry, soulful and mysterious which greatly compliments he swing elements in their songs. The band incorporates Gypsy jazz with electro-punk and hip-hop beats, thereby creating an interesting fusion.

Their truly original music style and amalgamation of jazz, house, electro and swing help in creating a fantastic blend that is absolutely unique. If you’ve never heard of them, here are a few tracks that’s bound to get you interested.

Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

Caravan Palace - Suzy

Make sure to give them a listen, because they will definitely get you swinging your feet and pumping your fists in the air. I feel like the band is the perfect musical time machine as they bring together the classic and timeless nature of swing and jazz and mix it up with the funk of house beats. So if you like music by Parov Stelar, want to try out a new genre or in any way like swing, make sure you check these guys out.​

More Caravan Palace Music

Caravan Palace - Wonderland

Caravan Palace - Rock it for me

Caravan Palace - Dramophone

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