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Sending in your tracks to labels with the desire of getting them released isn’t easy. There are countless number of producers that are trying to get signed to their favourite record label, but in most cases, their music doesn't even get to the ears of an A&R manager. Fortunately, we have here the details to guide you every step along the way. This is where you learn how to submit your demo… 1. This is where you start Look up the label(s) you’re seeking and ask yourself if your music/track suits the label. If yes, you may continue further. Find which label suits you the most and then enter the second step. 2. The perfect demo submission To show how you stand out from others, that's the tricky part! The best example to provide the needed information while submitting the demo : Example: Hi, I'm a producer, based in England and have been making music for 4 years. I've had some of my original tracks played on radio shows by DJ's such as Nicky Romero and Thomas Gold. I would like to submit a demo to Reverie Records, I would describe the track as electro house with a driving base line and live energetic feel.This is a 138 BPM track titled <Blue lights>. -Original Mix (Link of your mix) Thanks for listening. Send a brief but specific message, Do not try to include excess( not important) information, Also do not make it so short that the useful information is missed out. 3. What NOT to do • Do not attach your demo directly to the mail, people tend to get picky when it comes to downloading, send in the link of your track. • Always provide links that are the most easily accessible, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube links are the preferred ones. • Do not send unfinished work. ‘Demo’ is short for demonstration — the demonstration of the best you can do, so always send your best and complete work. Here at Reverie, We listen to all demos that are submitted to us, but have patience, we might take a little time to respond, due to many artists sending demos to us. You can only submit your music to our A&R team via your upload links like Soundcloud / Youtube etc. We work with artists from all over the world in every genre.

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